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Interview with Dirty South Radio

Dirty South Radio

Jun 22, 2022

Get to know a little more about your new favorite artist

Brandon Redd sat down with Dirty South Radio to talk about his journey in the music industry as well as his process when creating music. Here's an excerpt from that interview:

DSR: How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry?

BR: I have been doing music for a little over a decade now. I started when I was around 14 years old, so I’ve definitely put in the 10,000 hours to really hone in on my skills and learn as much as I can up until this point in my passion.

DSR: Who are your major influences in your music?

BR: This question is always a hard one for me because I listen to a lot of genres that don’t just revolve around rap. I love Hip-Hop, R&B, alternative rock, EDM, etc. which have so many dope artists, DJs, and producers. If I had to give an answer, I would say I’m more so influenced by the vibes that certain songs and mixes give me rather than just the individual. Of course, I do have artists that have catalogues that just resonate with me. Off the top of my head, the Neighborhood, The Weekend, Wayne, Cole, Drake, Ye and Hov are entertainers that I can say have had an influence on my music in some way, shape or form.

DSR: Who would you like to work with that you haven't already?

BR: I would really like to work with.....


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