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Painting the Town Brandon Redd

Miami Native, Brandon Redd, knew from a young age that the entertainment industry was one that he wanted to be a part of. Around the age of 14 is when creating music piqued his interest. The passion for poetry he had was almost like a gateway into rhyming over instrumentals. As time progressed, he continued to hone his skills and learn how to produce music until finally releasing his first project, "Sports Cars and Broken Hearts" in 2014.

Brandon took his years in college at Barry University as a time to continue as a time to continue writing and producing while pursuing his Bachelor's degree. After Graduating, it was full steam ahead. He began focusing all attention on music and returned with “8 Track.” A fierce record that would later be featured on his “Teazr EP.”

From creating to performing, Brandon has found inspiration from some of music’s greatest acts. A one man band in a sense, He is not only a rapper but a singer/songwriter/producer as well. His music mixes his personal trials, tribulations and triumphs with elements of Hip-Hop/R&B to create his own unique sound. With the culture of his hometown having a huge impact on his musical style, Brandon's artistic identity brings about a breath of fresh air into the music industry's new age of young artists.

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